Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Something New???

Pardon my wayward question marks, but geez.. I never realized how hard it would be to be a fashion blogger on a strict budget. It's pretty tough. I mentioned earlier that I was hoping to save up some money because I planned to study abroad next spring in London where things are currently twice as expensive (or half as cheap for all you optimists). Let's all take a minute to thank the weak dollar...

Since my proclamation a few weeks ago, I've made only one purchase. But, in my defense, it was really hard to pass up the shiny orange packaging (seen below) that MAC is using for their latest collection. I think I may have actually uttered the words "Ooh, shiny!" at one point .

In a sad attempt to resist temptation, I've halted my online browsing..well, I've been trying anyway, which is making it somewhat hard to come up with new post ideas. I've been working a few posts, but maybe it's time for something new. What do you all think? More photos, inspiration posts, editorial pics, outfit ideas, anything else...what would you all want to see? I've been thinking of adding a beauty feature, but I'm still iffy on that one.

Also, I want to let you know that I really appreciate all those who take the time to read and comment here. Though the comments may be few in number, I really do enjoy hearing what you guys have to say.



Tali said...

photos of you and how you put outfits together!

ill informed said...

i agree with tali. I feel you with the tight budget. For me that just means more thrifting less sporadic online orders.

etoilee8 said...

You will have a GREAT time in London. Trust me! Moving to London changed my life and made me a happier person. Although I have to say, I haven't been in a couple of years only because the cost blows my mind. Word to the wise, save up and don't even think about how much you're spending when you get there (it will ruin many a day). . . just enjoy yourself! said...

lol, London, lucky you! =d

You know I always get bored if people post the same things so variety of ideas always works for me, personally. =D

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

go shopping in your closet!
Managing to pull together a classic chic outfit with materials you already own speaks much higher of one's style than going out and buying more and more (like me)
taker it as a challenge!