Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wishlist: Birthday Edition

Nine days from today I will be 20 years old! I can see my youth slipping away already...haha...

Actually, I've never been too big on birthdays. Not once has an elaborate party been thrown in my honor. I kinda want to keep it that way. I would probably die of embarassment from all the attention anyway. I'm perfectly content with a long day of shopping followed by a quiet dinner with family and friends (that's what I did when I turned Sweet 16..) In my opinion there's no reason for a the fuss. Just hand me the gifts and skip the noise and drunkenness...ok maybe not the drunkenness...

Back to the topic at hand: the birthday wishlist. I tend to ask for somewhat frivoluos gifts when the b-day comes around. You know, the stuff that I wouldn't want to spend any of my money on but would not turn down if someone offered it to me. Yeah, I'm not sure why..maybe it's part of the whole "birthday's are overrated" attitude I've got going on..

Coach Bleecker Mini Skinny
I actually received this already in tan. I'm thinking of making it my new wallet. It's perfect since usually only carry cards anyway.

Victoria's Secret Satin Slip
I actually need this to wear under all my sheer dresses. I have way too many. Is it bad that I only realize they're sheer AFTER I buy them?

Old Navy Studded Suede Sandals
I want these because...they're studded (yup, that's really all I could come up with).

MAC Nail Laquer in Phosphor
Anything with "bumble bee yellow" as a descriptor is pretty much lust worthy.

I also received one other gift so far. It's amazing! The only clue I'll give is that it's vintage. Pics and gushing coming soon.

Also, I apologize for the sucky nature of this post and others this week. Better ones are on their way, I promise.

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Ash1314 said...

that nail polish is the PERFECT color for summer ;)

la petite fashionista said...

i think those are reasonable requests! i don't know why i never thought of buying a slip.. i have lot of sheer dresses too. & im loving that yellow nail polish, its my favorite color


M said...

ahh the big 2-0 is coming for me as well (though i'm still in denial, 19 forever!) adn forget the fuss. all i need is a quiet dinner with a couple of my girls and some presents wouldn't hurt!

Fashion Is Poison said...

that's the best nail polish color ever! ahh and the sandals are great, too

Daphney said...

Next time I get my nails done, I'm going bumble bee yellow!!!

and like la petite fashionista- I never thought of buying a slip for my sheer dresses.

love your blog!!

punky said...

Those sandals are half price this week...I bought them but they kinda hurt my feet...sad face.

I added your link