Friday, August 8, 2008

So Lush

While rushing to make an appointment downtown this morning, I managed to spill Bare Minerals foundation all over the dress that I'd been wearing. I'm not sure whether it was a lack of sleep or a lack of nourishment but it definately happened. There it (the stain) was and there I was faced with the task of changing, all the while worried about the possiblity of my dress being permanently RUINED. Luckily, I was headed downtown anyway, which gave me an excuse to go shopping (which I've come to like less and less...odd, I know).

Anyway, after much aimless wandering and window browsing, I decided to stop into the Lush store on 14th street and after being told that Proactiv (my skincare staple) was basically poison, I was suckered into buying these...

I have only used them once, but I loves them so far. The all natural factor is definately appreciated.I will be reviewing them once I've had time to test and such. Be excited, I am!

Oh, and totally unrelated, but Jamba Juice's "Strawberry Nirvana" really is like a little piece of heaven. Do I spy an addiction coming on?


Abby said...

i am so in love with lush products!! especially that soap, its divine! i use the veganese conditioner too, everything from that store is just perfect!

Kristina said...

Hey Kim! I've been reading your blog for some time now and I've gotta say i'm glad you're out of the hiatus that was going on... I was gonna contact you a lot earlier, but I'm doing it now cuz I've just started my own blog and, as I've noticed so far, we've got a lot of common interests, so I figured you wouldn't mind getting to know someone new. So, drop by my blog or mail me any time you like, I'll be glad to hear from you! Bye!

Kim said...

abby: Lush is amazing!

kristina: Thanks!