Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lush Update...

So, I've been using the Lush products mentioned in my last post for some time now and I'm having some mixed results. Why...well, to put it delicately, my skin sucks! It's oily and sensitive and it tends to break out at the worst times and...

After whining to myself in the mirror and almost giving up on Lush and running into the arms of my beloved Proactiv, it finally hit me...I'd been using the wrong products. So, off to Lush once againin hopes of finding the right products for my stubborn skin.

I am still sticking with my Coalface (I adore this stuff) but I'm trading in my current moisturizer and toner for...


...and This

...and I might pick up some of this..

...but since I'm here, I might as well review the products that I've used thus far (que the tiny pictures)...

What can I say, I love this stuff. It does what it promises. It removes ALL oil from my face leavin my skin (literally) squeaky clean without any dryness. I definately recomend.

Eua Roma Toner
I don't think this is anything special. It is sort of moisturizing, but nothing to write home about. If you are looking for a gentle cooling toner (sans alcohol) by all means try this product. Otherwise, I say pass.

Celestial Moisturizer
I bought this moisturizier because it claimed to be for sensitive skin. That may be the case, but I can'treally comment. Why, because I have combination skin (read: not sensitive). Purchasing this was a silly mistake on my part. Don't get me wrong, this product definately hydrated my skin, but minutes later..shine central. Not the product's fault, I know but still. Also, it has a very light scent reminiscent of cotton candyand feels slightly sticky when first applied. Not a bad product though.


Kristina said...

well I'm glad you like my blog, thanks a lot for the comment. Anyway, I wanted to mention that I'm also a journalism major from this year, I noticed that you are some time ago so I'm glad for the common interest;)

Kristina said...

Also wanted to tell you that I heard of some video on You tube where a woman washes her face with oil because it turns out her skin was making oil in order to fight the products that made it dry, so, maybe you should try that or not use products as regularly. But Lush is great and natural, so maybe it'll do no harm.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I've never been able to bring myself to buy a Lush product (something about the way the stores smell sends me running before I've even checked the stuff out), but it's great to read a review of the products from someone with combination skin like mine. But natural is v. definitely good- my brand of choice is an Indian one named Biotique, their stuff works and it mostly smells nice too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just read your post about the Lush products you use. Besides school I am working at a Lush shop in germany, so I can tell you, there soon will be (well maybe in the US they sell it allready) a great moisturiser called "vanishing cream", it's without cocoa butter, very light but very moisturising. Imperialis is good too, but for many people the cocoabutter is just too heavy (and in some cases can cause break outs)!
I tried it and it worked out great.
As my skit is similar as yours (oily, turns to break outs,...), you should try it too!!

Love, Raven said...

my god I love tea tree anything. I use it for anything and everything.
Your blog is amazing :)