Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why Not Payless?

Long hiatus, sorry, sorry, sorry...BUT it is summer, so you can't be too mad at me. Ok, maybe you can, but only until I show you these...

I've wanted a pair of Chloe maryjanes since Rumi, goddess of the fashion blogosphere, got hers. And even though I am no longer on the spending ban (YAY!!!)I still can't drop tons of money on shoes just yet,no matter how pretty they are. Thankfully, Payless seems to have stepped up their game. I want BOTH pairs so badly, it hurts!

I had a pair of Payless shoes as a kid and they hurt so much, I never wore them. Here's to hoping history doesn'trepeat itself.

Photos: payless.com, style.com


Anh said...

Some Payless shoes hurt and some don't. My latest purchase from them, are these oxford pump cutouts and they are comfortable!

thefashionhead said...

ohh those maryjanes are adorable. i did a boot post awhile ago with a few payless boot options, which were also pretty cute. every single shoe i've bought from payless has been very painful (except for flats) so i'm a little reluctant to buy, but they have some great options!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shoes on the right! I've been shopping at Payless for my whole life and I haven't had any bad experiences (except for a few fashion faux pas in my younger years) so I'm sure they will be comfy.

LaCouturier said...

those are from payless? oh sweeet! love the patent oxford pumps; finally, a pair that isnt obnoxiously high!

i have a pair of pumps from payless, about 4 inches high...they are soooo comfy!! but the others are a bit uncofortable

please check out my blog & let me kno what u think!

miss a. said...

There are some clues to determine a shoe's comfort. I always first check the heel to see how much cushion they have. Then I always check where the balls of my feet would be. If the front part of a shoe isn't lined, it's not a big deal. You can always stick a Dr. Scholl's in there. If I feel like I need to insert padding, then I tend to buy half a size bigger as the padding tends to constrain space. Also, I like to bend it in the middle to see how flexible it is. That's also a telltale sign of (dis)comfort.