Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shoe Lust Revisited

While after a night of Ethiopian food (yummy!), raspberry flavored rice pudding (which, btw, tastes way better than it sounds), vegan baking and a Kathy Griffin YouTube marathon my roomates and I ended our seemingly never bondng session with a discussion of our love of shoes and related shoe issues. WE're all super tall and shoes tend to not fit us...Finally, others who understand my pain! In the end, we all agreed that Target heels are amazing for their cheapness, comfort and unexpected durability..

With this in mind, I peeked at my shoe collection and notices how meagre my own heel collection was. I've mentioned before that I don't wear heels for a number of reasons none of which seemed important as I laid eyes on these and these. Part of me feels that if you combined the faux-patent goodness and structure of the first pair and the the contours in the second pair you'd get something that might vaguely (ok, very vaguely) resemble those studded Burberry platforms that I LOVE and would kill to own. Right now I'm deciding whether I need the first pair in black too.

Oh, and today's my sister's birthday. Happy 17th Renee!!!!!


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