Thursday, May 15, 2008

Doctor, Doctor

Finals week is over, well it is for me anyway. As of this afternoon I am free! I am currently celebrating the fact that I finally have all the time in the world to do everything that I missed out on this past semester. I've spent the past few hours watching movies, mindlessly wandering tFS, shopping, sleeping and now I'm *gasp* updating (I suppose I could have come up with a more random list of activitities)...

I'm also done with work, which means FREE WEEKENDS!!! I am beyond excited that I'll have the time to actually plan outfits, and maybe look nice for a change. This as opposed to the jeans, flats, and sweaters that have recently become like a uniform for me.

Problem is, I don't want to look nice. Just the opposite, actually. I really need, yes need, a pair of Doc Martins.

Anyone remember that semi-ugly shoe obsession I had a while back? Well, I've still got it.
The flat, rounded, almost clown-like appearance of the Docs is what I was after when I bought the boots from this post. Interestingly enough, the Timberland boots aren't quite as ugly as I'd hoped they would be. It looks like I might be the proud owner of some shiy new Doc Martin boots in the near future.



punky said...

I have a pair of fake docs, They are petty awesome.

Anupam said...

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karla said...

totally found a pair of vintage docs, except for I felt they made my feet look like duck feet haha :)

Kim said...

punky: My desire for Docs actually stemmed from a friend who wore a pair of fake ones from Payless everyday. It's actually my ego that wants the real ones, but my closet doesn't care. My wallet on the other hand..

Karla: I love ducks and have huge feet to begin would only help "accentuate" my flaws. Kudos for scoring a vintage pair.

Anonymous said...

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