Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Under Construction

A few days ago, we had some snow here in NYC. The problem with snow in the city is:

1. Nothing closes...ever (this includes school!)
2. You still have to walk...everywhere, meaning good shoes are necessary!

Being from New York, I'm used to snowy weather. Still, for some reason I had no snow-appropriate boots. I do have many pairs of boots, but they have little to no traction and this can be hazardous...seriously. Slipping and sliding across snow and ice is no fun, regardless of how cute your shoes may be. Knowing this, I picked these up...

I've avoided Timberland boots for so long and for mainly aestheric reasons. Nothing says style like clunky work boots, right? I do seem to have had a change of heart...sort of. This black nubuck leather pair isn't too too bad. The (terrible) pic above does it little justice, but the material is actually pretty nice and the black-on-black color gives it a less construction-y feel. I'm thinking that it could be nice to wear them over jeans à la Milk or maybe with tights for a stylishly androgynous look. Oh, the possibilities...

It might be fun to do a look with flannel like MK below. You know, play up the theme. I think my boots would make the outfit a little more 90's grunge, though.

Another added bonus, great traction means no more slipping!

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