Saturday, March 1, 2008

All Dressed Up

Sometimes an outfit idea comes to you long before you've even purchasesd the pieces. Actually, this it what usually happens. In my case, this is what always happens. With the help of (why have I only just found out about this site?) I present to you the outfit that I've been invisioning all week, full of pieces that I don't already own. I do plan on replacing the pictured dress with this Jovovich-Hawk for Target piece from my last post. As for the other pieces, we'll see...I should note that the cluth I'm envisioning is way bigger that the one pictured. More like this.I think a less formal bag would be a nice contrast.

Now all I need is somewhere to wear this...

1 comment:

Psyche said...

I know exactly what it's like to visualize the outfit even before the pieces are hanging in the closet :)

That Jovovich-Hawk dress will be a great substitution in this look. I so have to get to Target. I am yet to see the line.

Love your blog!