Friday, October 24, 2008

A Peek Inside...

Whoever said that getting back to blogging was like riding a bicycle was wrong! Not so easy. I've given myself many a headache trying to come up with new post ideas. Actually, I think the headaches were the result of all-nighters and caffeine overdoses, but you get the idea-things have been stressful. The good news is that Coffee over Conversation is back and better than ever! Who would have thought that my little hobby would turn into something this great? Not me.

Anyway, not sure if I mentioned that my college dorm this year has a walk-in closet...seriously! I'm excited to get dressed every morning. Here is a sneak peek at shoe storage. Think I have enough black shoes???

(L to R: Aerosoles, Nine West, Nine West, Old Navy, Target, Old Navy)

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