Monday, September 8, 2008

Lush: The Finale

Alas, here is the finale of the LUSH reviewing saga. It's been a few weeks and the verdict is in. Lush products, at least the ones I've tried, are fantastic!

That's the good news. The bad news: I'm back to using Proactiv. In the final stretch of my experiment, I guess my skin just couldn't take anymore and it rebelled with disastrous results, shoving me back into the arms of my tried and true Proactiv. I guess, you really can't stop using that stuff...

I've determined, though, that Coalface soap is the greatest thing ever! Seriously. I use this as an exfoliator/makeup remover/ all around cleanser. Read my review of it here.

Now, onto the long-awaited review:

Fresh Farmacy
I didn't hate this, but I didn't love it either. I tried it as a cleanser and it was alright. Then I used it as an overnight spot treatment and it didn't do much of anything. It is supposed to be a skin calming cleanser and it worked somewhat on that front. Right now, I still have a huge chunk of this left. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

Tea Tree Toner
Not a fan of this stuff. I don't remember what's in this but whatever it is, my skin doesn't like it. I stopped using this after a week.

Imperialis Mousturizer
I've only tried the Celestial and Imperialis moisturizers but, thus far both have a sweet-ish scent. The scent goes away, but it still bothers me just a little bit. For the most part, the moisturizers do what they're supposed to. Imperialis, which is intended for combination skin, says that it hydrates your dryer spots and controls oil where you're oilier. I find that it moisturizes just enough and I never feel oily or gross when I use this. Even if I've been sweating (eew!) . Apart from the sweet smell, my only complaint is that my nose (my problem area) is still oily, even when using this stuff, but maybe that's just genetics.

I'll have to use Proactiv daily for a while, but the plan is to make LUSH my primary skincare staple and use Proactiv as a supplement only a few times per week. Pretty much the reverse of what I'm doing now.


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Richel said...

I've yet to try LUSH! I should really try it!