Friday, July 11, 2008

Marc Jacobs Pour Sephora

Why didn't I know about this?! I'm so tempted, but with the whole "don't waste money on the things you don't need" kick that I'm on I'm actually practicing some restraint. I do so love the vanity case though..

Daisy Marc Jacobs Pour Sephora Pretty Pouch

Daisy Marc Jacobs Pour Sephora Treasure Beauty Case

Daisy Marc Jacobs Pour Sephora Luxe Vanity Case

There's also candles, soaps, and lots of other things that I'd buy and have no use for once I got them home...



Secretista said...

Tooooooooo pretty! I love it!!

Yea, the subway system is oh so fabulous. LOL

Anh said...

So cute! I've been there twice in one week and didn't see those at all.

Fashion Is Poison said...

pretty! i wish i would have gotten the ring they had! boo

M @ Wearfare said...

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