Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lazy Wednesday

Today felt like one of those lazy days. The heat is just inescapable. I can barely think straight. I took me a good 2+ hours to write an e-mail this morning. In my defense though I did take many breaks, ate lunch, and had a phone conversation in that time span as well. Still, it seems like everything is just so slow. I can't stand it, it bores me.

What to wear when the weather is unbearably hot and leaving the couch of a chore than anything else: layering tanks!I wear these daily. They breathe in the summer, insulate in the winter. Talk about basics. I have an entire drawer full of them, I mean full..

My brand of choice when it comes to tanks is Old Navy. Not all of mine are from here, but the majority are. The prices are low, the quality is great, and the color selection is unmatched (IMO). Another reason I buy, the deals. They're ususlly around 2 for $15 and it's awesome to grab a bunch of colors AND sizes. Different sizes makes for fun fit and silhouette experimentation. I like wearing a black fitted with a matching pencil skirt for a streamlined look or a loose grey with jeans for a more laid back aesthetic.

P.S: My apologies for the Old Navy overload, I pretty much spent my weekend there and it's all I've seemed to want to wear lately..



Rosé Ghislain Magritte said...

i'm going to have to agree, although froot of the loom does have some pretty comfortable tanks.

Lauren said...

I'm wearing an Old Navy tank right now, I've seen them priced at 2 for $12, and once even 2 for $10. I love them.