Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dearest Luisa

For the most part the pieces in Luisa Beccaria's F08 RTW line reminded me of the types accessories that I could only dream of outfitting my own Barbie dolls in. I could only imagine having such creations housed in my little pink suitcase (where my various dolls and all their clothing were held, taken out only to be played with..I was freakishly organized as a kid). LB has literally brought to life the pastel wonderland that for so long has existed only in my head. The only way to describe the collection is "refined whimsy"..and yes I did just come up with that term and on my own i might add, though I probably shouldn't be bragging. Anyway, the pieces themselves are insired. In fact, whilst running out the door to catch my train downtown the yesterday, I was literally stopped in my tracks when I saw that pastel ruffled number above. I stared for a good five minuutes before I remembered that I had somewhere to be.

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