Friday, April 18, 2008

Style Muse: Melanie Huynh


It suffices to say that Melanie Huynh, assistant stylist at French Vogue, has mastered the art of ever-so-slightly juxtaposing opposites. She simultaneously eminates a casual aesthetic while appearing meticulously put-together. She emplasizes classics and subdues the trends. She combines long sleeves and short skirts. And she manages to make neutrals pop (that patent skirt!). Besides being extremely envious of her mile long legs, I really can't tell whether she threw her outfits on in minutes or agonized over every detail..she stuns, regardless. Oh, and her taste in footwear is impecable...


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aschlee said...

I've seen her before 'n she always looks so good. sheesh, she can make a girl jealous, hah. I absolutely love the 2nd to last outfit choice, it's perfection.

nice post.