Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

For the first time in years I managed to get exactly what I wanted for Christmas. The last time this happened I was 8 years old and got a "Nano Pet" after months of asking for one. My tastes have improved a lot since then...

This year I got:

Those Nine West Cuzza Boots that I've been lusting after for months.

The Marc by Marc Turnlock Clutch a.k.a. the most perfect wallet ever! Thanks mom!!!

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope you all celebrated safely. In case you're wondering, I did make a few resolutions. I usually never do since I think they're silly, but there are some things I hope to do in 2009

My Resolutions:
  • Spend less...for obvious reasons....
  • Be healthier...for even more obvious reasons...
  • Focus more on my's almost done and I'll eventually need to *gasp* enter the workforce.

    How about you guys, any resolutions?