Saturday, November 29, 2008


Is it weird that I'm attracted to these odd looking beauties. I's probably wear them a la Raych. Please let me know if you think they're fabulous or if I'm losing my mind and they're absolutely hideous...

(shoes: nine west)

In other news, I've pared down my shoe collection to the bare essentials-all frivilous/unworn pairs have been discarded or sold through my eBay store. I must add that I feel very accomplished having done this. So as much as I post about new shoes, I won't be buying any! Next up...handbags. Also, look out for a shoe essentials post coming soon!


deep_in_vogue said...

hmm don't much care for them, it's another aesthetic..

Meghan Fabulous said...

Linked you to Meghan by Meghan Fabulous! Thanks for the comments!

budget chic said...

Nice shoes! I also do the same thing, I stopped selling on Ebay because their fees are too high, now. I try to sell via my blog. I purge shoes I'm not wearing so I can invest in new ones.

BTW: Tried to send you an email to exchange links, but no addy posted on your blog.