Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wolfwhistle and then some...

While browsing ASOS's website, I came across this Wolfwhistle belt. When I saw it, I was immediately mesmerized by it's suspenders and filigree accents.. so pretty. I managed to stop oggling long enough to remember this post from Karla's blog (a new favorite) and got to thinking about the statement piece. You know, that one item that you own that can immediately "spice up any plain jane ensemble" (Karla's words of course, not mine). I'm sure we've all seen, in one form or another, that ubiquitous list of wardrobe staples. All women must own a little black dress, dress trousers, a white button down skirt...or so the list says. Surprisingly absent from that list is the statement piece, an intruguing item...one that might make a passersby do a double take (whether inadmiration or disgust, who cares?) If there even exists measurable standard of fashionable-ness (???) shouldn't there be some room for individuality/personality? On that note, I want this belt! I've got a birthday coming up, we'll see what happens.

Photos: asos.com

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