Friday, April 11, 2008


So, Rumi over at Fashion Toast tagged me...sort off. Well, she tagged anyone who wanted to do this and I wanted to, so here we are. I'll admit love learning ramdom details about people (stalker much?), so I thought I'd share as well. Although, I know this list isn't too revealing, I did have fun compiling it. Enjoy!

Things I Am Passionate About:

1. Spontenaiety
2. Vintage
3. Rings
4. Hazelnut Coffee ( I need this daily!)
5. Learning
6. Sushi
7. Writing
8. Handbags (both, yes both, of my parents fostered this addiction with their own collections)

Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

1. Perfect My Spanish
2. Learn French
3. Visit Paris
4. Live on My Own
5. Fall In Love
6. Own Something/Anything Chanel
7. Write A Book
8. Work For Myself
(9. Learn to Swim/Drive...Is it weird that I can do neither?)

Things I Say Often:

1. "I need coffee!"
2. "I hate taking the subway!" (I tell anyone and everyone this)
3. "Ouch!"
4. "I want!"
5. "I'm broke" (I swear, I do more than just complain)
6. "Hmm..."
7. "What the EFF"
8. "I don't know. Whatever..."

Books I Have Read Lately: (I never have time to read...ever. If I do, it's usually assigned. Sad, I know.)

1. "The Namesake"
2. "The Devil"-Tolstoy
3. "The Elements of Journalism" (haha)
4. "The Journalist and the Murderer"
5. Do NYLON, ELLE, VOGUE articles count???

Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over:

1. "Gold Dust" -Tori Amos
2. "Sideways"-Citizen Cope
3. "I'm Shakin'" -Rooney
4. "A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill"-Jens Lekman
5. "Neon"-John Mayer
6. "Sleeping In"-The Postal Service
7. "My Moon My Man"-Feist
8. "Wires"-Athlete

Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends:

1. The Fact That We Can Be Apart For Years and Pick Up Exactly Where We Left Off
2. We Can Finish Each Others Sentences
3. We Laugh At All The Same Crap
4. We Laugh UNCONTROLLABLY At The Aforementioned Crap
5. We Never Fight...ever
6. We're Happiest Dining on the Simplest of Foods (Subway, Fries, Candy!!!)
7. They Inspire Me
8. Everything Else...

I'm tagging all those that want to do this and Secretista because she'll probably read this...


Secretista said...

I chuckled when I read the last line!

I did read it :)!

The things you wanna do before you die are very similar to what I wanna do!

coco said...

I'm passionate about rings too
I love collecting them!