Monday, April 28, 2008

Heatherette for MAC

If the image above isn't enough to make you leap from your desk, dash head first into your car and haul it like a mad woman (man?)to your nearest MAC counter, then something is seriously wrong with you. I kid, of course, but the new Heatherette for MAC collection is no joking matter. If you're not yet aware, MAC cosmetics is famous (infamous?) for their limited edition partnerships with designers and icons alike (Luella, Diana Ross anyone?). The Heatherette collection has been highly anticipated for months and I must admit that I too squealed, yes squealed, with glee when I heard of it's pending arrival. Like the hypocrite I am, I have not yet gotten my poor, lazy self to a MAC counter to purchase anything yet. They're just too far away..There are about a billion MAC counters in Westchester (shopping mall central) near to my parent's house, though. My mom even works next to a mall with one. As I think about it, I could probably guilt her into stopping by said mall (which she HATES) to get me a few items.. I can only imagine the inevitable comments I'll get about the price. "$32 for eyeshadow!!!" she'll say as I try to woo her with the pretty pink packaging. I doubt she'll ever get over the price though. She understands none of my irrational obsessions..

I would expect nothing less from the masterminds behind this:

Yes, there are real Christmas bows on that dress and I sort of love those booties, if for nothing more than the color.

And the boxes look like this!



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