Friday, March 14, 2008

Tee Time

This past week has been insane! I'm just thanking my lucky stars that it's all over...for now, at least.

With all the work, fashion has definately taken a backseat. I usually dress for comfort when it comes to school, but this week I took the idea of comfort a little too literally. T-shirt's have become a temporaty staple. Throw on a cardigan, a pashmina (my favorite accessory), some flats and you're all set. No thought involved. Perfect for those of us running only by the graces of caffeine and a few hours of sleep.

Dressing up the tee has become a semi-obsession of mine. I'm constantly searching for ways to give this ultimte symbol of comfort some style merit.

American Apparel has some fun options. Aside from the plain white variety, they have added some fun colors.

L to R: This mint green crew neck would be fun with shorts for summer; It would be fun to dress up this cranberry v-neck, I'm just not sure how I would go about it. Maybe pair it with a pencil skirt and heels.

This deep v-neck also caught my eye. In a nice neutral, this style would look amazing. Definately not your average tee.

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Secretista said...

GIRRLL, me2. I dressed for comfort. I think I wore the same jeans EVERYDAY, haha! I didn't have time to care about what I was wearing.