Saturday, March 15, 2008

Recent Purchases: F21

After work, I decided to stop by Forever 21. It was on my way to the subway, so I thought why not?

Upon walking in, the vest pictured above caught my eye on a menswear display. I grabbed it imediately. It fits, but since it's designed for a man the cut is a bit awkard, but it's nothing going a size up can't fix. It's perfect for that whole vest and tee aesthetic that I'm obsessed with at the moment.

I am in love with the bracelet. I usualy hate them/never wear them, as they make my wrists look weird but the coil style looks great pulled up on the arm. The purple earrings are actually a nice olive green.

I also snagged some great layering necklaces. The kinds with natural beads. I love piling these on in the summer.

I did not actually buy the hat, but I'll be sure to check for it when I exchange the vest tomorrow.

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